Patient "Bill of Rights" - - - - - -

You should know these rights.
Have someone with you to advocate your needs.
Ask questions. Expect answers. Stay involved.

As a patient you should be treated like a person and not "processed".
When you see a doctor you pay him for his knowledge AND time.
Tell all about your condition, be a partner in treatment and management.

*** Expect high quality care and proper complete responses to your needs.
*** You are entitled to courtesy at all times.
*** Your doctor should relate to you as an adult partner during treatment, not as a child.
*** Expect no less than the time needed for your particular problem.
*** You should have his undivided attention.
*** A receptionist should not decide how much time you get from the doctor.
*** He must hear you and listen; ask him to explain until you understand.
*** You have a right to choices.
*** Ask about the alternatives of treatments.
*** Ask about the benefits of each and the risks you will take.
*** A frequent alternative may well be "no treatment at all."
*** You should expect your doctor to keep informed, up-to-date, or refer you.
*** You should expect him to investigate, consult or research on your behalf.
*** A second opinion should be one that searches for accurate diagnoses; not rubber stamp.
*** Have your doctor help you find the "one who knows"; not simply to affirm his diagnosis.
*** If you are to have elective surgery, you must have "days" to think and decide.
*** Your doctor should respond promptly when he is needed.
*** Do not assume that "you've got it again", nor let him do so. It could be something new.
*** An unexpected complication must be treated as the important event of the day.

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